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Physiotherapy for the Hand, Wrist & Elbow

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Newtown Hand Therapy

Newtown Hand Therapy is a physiotherapy practice dedicated to treatment of the hand and upper limb.

Normally, your hands just work, and they let you do all the things you need to do, all the things you like to do and all the things in between. It's only when things go wrong that you're forced to realise how much they do, and how reliant we are on them just working. Everything takes longer, may be painful or just not possible to do. Luckily when things go wrong, there are Hand Therapists who have dedicated their career to working with the hand and upper limb to get you back on track.

Hand Therapy emerged from the disciplines of physiotherapy and occupational therapy, in response to the specialised field of Hand Surgery. With advancements in surgical care, there was demand for equally skilled rehabilitation. 'Hand Therapy' was coined by a group of American Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists attending the American Society of Hand Surgeons Meeting in 1975, who shared a passion of learning and rehabilitation of the hand.

It combines the skills of physiotherapy & occupational therapy, in addition to skills in wound care & scar management, to provide optimal care in rehabilitating the hand & upper limb. The Australian Hand Therapy Association was founded in 1982, and since then its members have focused on maximising hand function after injury, surgery or disease.

Newtown Hand Therapy cares about the swollen finger, the mum with the painful wrist, the arthritic thumb, the tingling fingers, the broken wrist, as well as dedication to post-operative care.

Newtown Hand Therapy consults out of the rooms of Active Physiotherapy Newtown, in the Newtown Business Centre - corner of Erskineville Road and Wilson Street.

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What's Different about Hand Therapy?

All we see at Newtown Hand Therapy are problems concerning fingers & thumbs, wrists, forearms and elbows. You'll notice a sewing machine and an electric frypan in the office, and that's because if your condition needs a splint or support, it will be made up on the spot (no, not auditioning for MasterChef or cooking up a storm at lunch!). Custom-made splints are made during your consultation for you to take with you.

We are here:


Newtown Hand Therapy is on the ground floor of Newtown Business Centre, Suite 2 & 3, 1 Erskineville Road Newtown (within Active Physiotherapy's rooms). It's on the corner of Wilson Street and Erskineville Road.

Just a stone’s throw from King Street (near the old Post Office) and a 10 minute walk from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Parking can be found on Linthorpe St or Wilson St. There is a small council car park on Wilson Street. Street parking in Erskineville is also pretty reasonable.

Newtown Train Station is approximately 100m from the Newtown Business Centre. Erskineville Train Station is 500m away


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Consulting from the light, modern and friendly practice at Active Physiotherapy Newtown since 2014, Newtown Hand Therapy has an Accredited Hand Therapist with over 18 years exclusively managing conditions of the hand & upper limb is available Monday to Friday in Sydney’s Inner West.

Casts to shower or swim in

Not sure what to expect if you need a plaster cast?

Hand Therapy Referrals

No referral is needed for hand therapy/physiotherapy services unless the case is covered under Workers Compensation, Third Party Insurance or DVA. Hand therapy accepts patient referrals under the Enhanced Primary Care scheme for chronic conditions. Please note the EPC program does not cover the full cost of the consult.